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Dentist in Century City, Los Angeles, CA

At Century City Dentistry | Concierge Dental Spa, you will discover modern dental care with top-of-the-line dental materials and equipment and advanced technology.

Whether you are beginning your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile or maintaining your oral health, we are here for you!

Dr. Zarrin Golshani will start your appointment by asking you some questions about your medical and dental history. She will then perform a comprehensive oral exam. This will include x-rays, a visual oral cancer screening, and measurements taken around each tooth. She will then review your x-rays and findings and thoroughly discuss the condition of your teeth and gums, the type of cleaning that will be needed depending on your individual needs, and any other necessary treatment. We will create an individualized treatment plan that best fits your needs and desires while also giving you a healthy smile.

At this point, we may together choose to start with your recommended cleaning and any other necessary treatment or reschedule you for a separate visit.

We can also work together to prioritize and stagger your treatments in giving you the amazing smile you deserve.

And if you haven’t been to a dentist in a while, don’t feel guilty! In scheduling your first visit, you have made the first step and a great decision to commit to your oral health and in turn your overall health.

We pride ourselves on providing quality services.

We want you to feel relaxed during your visits. Each patient is unique and we strive to ensure that each patient has an exceptional experience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable!

"I actually look forward to my visits with her. She is so kind and really cares. And her dental office is beautiful! I recommend her to everyone!"

Cynthia A.
"Dr. Zarrin makes going to the dentist a delight. She is extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and works to exacting standards"

Claire P.
"This place is teeth magic! I absolutely love Dr. Golshani. She's so personable and became a fast friend."

Renee P.
"I found Dr. Zarrin and her staff to be extremely sweet, thoughtful and attentive to the details that made my visit wonderful."

Thanh N.
"Dr. Zarrin is so thorough. I really appreciate the way she works."

Samantha B.
"Excellent care by Dr. Zarrin on every single appointment. We have found our family dentist!"

Robert W.
"I couldn’t recommend Dr. Zarrin more highly, and I speak as a woman with a crippling level of anxiety around all things dental!"

Catherine S.
"I was super relaxed and taken care of throughout my entire visit. Dr. Zarrin is amazing! She is always making sure that you are doing ok!"

Stephanie S.
"Dr. Zarrin is most definitely now my go to dentist. If you are looking for a dentist in Century City or Los Angeles area, I highly recommend this dentist!"

Josh T.
"I had my cleaning, 6 veneers, and a filling done by Dr. Zarrin. I felt like she genuinely cared for me as an individual person and not just a patient."

Amy S.
"Doc did such an amazing job on my teeth. They’ve never looked better."

Jason C.
"The rooms are very clean and inviting. She has state of the art equipment which is key because it makes the teeth cleaning process easy and painless"

Tammie M.
"Thank you Dr. Zarrin for giving me my smile and confidence back! I couldn’t be happier!"

Melissa M.